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Creative by JW is all about leather. The vintage bags series gives this chic fabric of high quality a new life for you to wear. Also take a look at the collection of designs crafted with imitation leather! All designs are customized to the personality and identity of customers. From casual to chic looks, to working life and nights out: these products are made to add a unique attitude and power to your style and lifestyle. Own it now and explore...


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Justyna Wlodarczyk is a woman that makes wishes come true. Graduating from Krakow University with a degree in law had been her first wish in life. But after a few years working in an office, she realized that something was missing. She felt that she had to go ahead and make her second wish come true. Her hobby and creative mind had always been about fashion, and most particularly... bags. A self-starter, Justyna did not need to go to any design school. All she needed, really, was her willpower, her strong spirit, and her friends’ inspiration and encouragement to learn by herself how to craft her own bags - and dresses - after she bought her first sewing machine. Her sister and her friends were amazed by her designs, and asked her to produce more bags for them. Things went on pretty quickly after that. As she saw that people were really enthusiastic about her products and trusted her fashion taste, Justyna started to think more seriously about opening her own business. And she made that second wish of hers come true.

Bags by Justyna are all about leather. "I love the fabric for its quality, but also because it is very chic"! Standing against animal mistreatment, she uses second-hand leather fabric, which she selects carefully as she must be able to redesign it. Giving a new life to these pieces by transforming them into a beautiful bag appeals to her creativity. Her customers can also choose among a range of products that are made of imitation leather. Her bags typically are of dark colors, such as black, brown or grey. They also must be practical, and simple. "The perfect bag for a woman must first of all be quite big – because you need to be able to put everything there" she says, in a laugh. "Active women need a bag in which their laptop fits, in which they can put any other things that they must bring on a business trip, for example". For Justyna, the most important feature of a bag is its classic simplicity. "I like simple designs. I am not into crafting anything too glamorous.

How expensive your clothes are or look is not what really matters, because you can wear cheap designs that can look great if you style them well. What’s important are shoes and purses, because those accessories have the power to give you more attitude and make you stand out".

Originally from Brzeszcze, a small town in Southern Poland, J. started building her life in the Netherlands more than a decade ago, where her business is now based. The lady in black always had a feel for fashion. She surprises herself buying clothes and accessories ahead of the next fashion season – they make it a few months later into the most reputed magazines.

She makes sure to only design bags that she would see herself wearing. "If someone asks me to design a piece based on a picture of a bag that’s already out there but that I don’t like or would not wear, I would never design it. I would feel like it isn’t coming from my own mind or thinking. So I would suggest something else". But she is committed to customizing her creativity to her customers. She likes to get to know them, to ask why they would like and need a particular type of bag, and to discuss with them the ideas and vision she would herself draw from their personal preferences.

Her design process is not about centimeters and exactitude. It’s about finding the moment, and it’s about having the right material. Her focus then goes straight to the pattern she envisaged, she cuts the pieces, and then crafts, adjusting and modifying them. "Then the pieces come together. It really all comes together through the manufacturing process". J. insists: "The first sample is always the best one". She doesn’t like to change that first impression, that first shot, that first click. She adds, in a smile: "I can then feel best if this is it, if this is going to work. It’s like love, really".

By Eline C. & Justyna Wlodarczyk


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